Medical Insurance and why it matters to your Business

Medical insurance is one of the most common benefits offered by employers acknowledging the importance of offering competitive compensation packages and employee benefits that attract and retain top talent. We are starting to see big companies offering a wide array of benefits and perks such as flexible working hours , subsidized gym memberships and much more , in a bid to create a positive work environment and increase motivation and satisfaction among employees , ensuring loyalty and improving productivity. However, with the emergence of a diverse range of new benefits, medical insurance remains to be one of the most appreciated ones, as it fulfills a universal and a critical need. Thus, investing in a decent medical insurance plan for your employees will always be a sound investment.

In 2018 a study conducted in the US reported that, 55% of employees surveyed indicated that medical insurance is their most valuable benefit by a significant margin over other benefits such as paid vacation time 18% and overtime pay 11%.  The results shouldn’t be surprising since medical insurance coverage enables your employees to deal with medical emergencies without having to worry about their savings. Knowing that they have adequate coverage level gives them peace of mind considering the financial burden of healthcare services such as costly surgeries.

As a business, you can offer medical insurance to your employees by fully paying or sharing the payment of the annual medical insurance premium. Also, some organization can provide an option to include the family members of all employees. While in some cases, employees can choose between local and international insurance coverage.

Successful organizations are built on foundations that recognise the importance of its work force and the critical role it plays in driving business and achieving sustainable growth. By offering your employees an adequate medical insurance coverage that they can trust, you will have a very effective tool to retain and attract talent to grow your business.

With the above in mind, If you will be considering getting medical insurance for your employees or renewing the current one, you can use Amanleek’s medical insurance comparison platform to get different offers instantly. Saving your time and eliminating the hassle of reaching out to different insurance companies or dealing with brokers and their meetings. In less than 3 minutes you will easily access various offers from reputable insurance companies with full details and pricing, so you can compare and choose the best offer for you and your employees confidently.


Medical insurance: why it’s important for your company