5 tips to maintain productivity while working from home

With the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, companies worldwide, including Amanleek are moving to adopt working from home for jobs that can be done remotely. Below we list 5 tips to help you stay productive as you stay safe and work from home due to the current events.

  • Your Home Workspace:

Dedicate an area of your home/room where you can setup your workspace and have it decluttered and organised in a way that encourages you to be comfortable and focused while working, add your personal touch to it and ensure it has good lighting. (Check this article for home office ideas)

  • Get your work mode on:

Working from home doesn’t mean you will work in bed/couch while in your pyjamas, as tempting as it might sound, being too comfortable while working from home is not advisable. Make sure to get your work mode on, by engaging in the same activities you would have done before going to work i.e (showering, getting dressed, having breakfast)

  • Office hours:

With the flexibility of working from home self-disciplining and maintaining an uninterrupted work schedule is essential. Accordingly make sure you have clear working hours and align it with your team.
Agree on a minimum number of hours in which you overlap with your colleagues for a sufficient period to ensure you can all collaborate/communicate.

  • Maintain communication:

Stay connected with your co-workers in specific times/check points that you agree on throughout your working hours.
You can even maintain an ongoing call in the background for a certain time during the day to keep the connection, collaborate and encourage one another as you work from home remotely due to social interaction being a key part of the work culture ( Check this article for tools for team communication while working remotely)

  • Minimize distractions:

Even on a regular workday we can get distracted with our mobile devices, social media, etc. , being at home the potential of distraction is even higher so:

  • keeping your phone locked away with a ringtone for calls/e-mails only.
  • Put on your headphones and stream music if it helps your concentration as it will keep you from other distractions at home
  • Avoid frequent trips to the kitchen and schedule your meals and try not to have them at the same area where you work

Stay home, stay safe & maintain your productivity while enjoying the perks of working from home.Try to follow these tips and let us know if it helped.
also share any other ideas or tips of yours to maintain productivity while working from home to update and add to this list.

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5 tips to maintain productivity while working from home