General Questions

  • Is Amanleek an insurance company?

Amanleek is not an insurance company, we are a digital broker that connects you with the best matching offers. You get your insurance from the insurance company that you pick and Amanleek supports the process.

  • How much does Amanleek take for commission?

Amanleek doesn’t take any commission from you for our services. We take referral fees from the insurance companies.

  • What types of insurance can I get from

We launched car and travel insurance online tools and other types to go live soon, meanwhile If you are looking for other types of insurance please click here and fill the form, our advisers will be glad to help you get the insurance you need.

  • Is my information kept confidential?

Yes, we highly value and respect your privacy, your information is only shared with the insurance company of your choice to get your insurance policy.

  • How do I submit my claim?

In case of reimbursement all you have to do is contacting your Amanleek account manager and he will help you through out the process to receive your claim with the minimum effort.

  • What if I had a complaint or bad service?

If you encountered any issues with our service or you have any complaints please contact us at once on this number 01027565384 or via Email: or submit it at our office and we will get in touch the soonest. In case that your complaint isn't solved or received an unsatisfying response, you can send your complaint to the Financial Regulatory Authority's head office or you can file a complaint on their website

Car Insurance Questions

  • How long does it take to get my car insured?

It takes 3 working days from car inspection.

  • What’s is the cancellation policy for my car insurance?

Each insurance company has its own terms & conditions for cancellation, you can contact your Amanleek account manager to assist you with the cancellation if needed

  • Can I get a temporary replacement car if I make an accident?

Some insurance companies offer products with a temporary replacement car feature as mentioned in the benefits section.

  • Whom do I contact if I make an accident?

Once you get you care insurance through Amanleek , you will be assigned to an account manager whom you can contact for any insurance related queries and in case of an accident.

  • Does the insurance company send someone to inspect my car after the accident?

Depends on the claim amount and varies by insurance company (If exceeding a certain threshold) , it will require an inspection.

  • How long does it take to get an approval to fix my car?

The time it takes for you to get your car repair approval varies among the different insurance providers. However, it usually takes around 24 hours from submitting the necessary documents to get the approval

  • What documentation do you need from me to file a claim?

Claims that are below a certain amount (varies by insurance company) don’t require any documentation other than a photo of the car and a claim form. Claims above that certain amount require a police report. Your account manager will be of assistance and will do their best to get your claim paid the soonest.

  • How do I receive the payment from the insurance company i case of  pay and claim?

An Amanleek courier will deliver the cheque to you

  • Can I contact the insurance company directly?

Yes, you can.

  • How do you calculate my annual insurance premium?

Your premium is a percentage of the total value of the car, this percentage varies by company and is based on the car brand and model.

  • Am I covered in case my car gets stolen?

Yes, all insurance companies provided through Amanleek cover car theft.

  • Can I cancel my policy and request a refund?

You can cancel your policy and the refund terms are different in each policy based on the insurance company terms & conditions which is always mentioned in the policy terms .

  • Am I covered in case of a fire?

Yes, all insurance companies provided through Amanleek cover car fires. In case of any further queries or need for clarifications you can always contact us by clicking here we will always be ready to help