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    Car Insurance: The Complete Guide from Amanleek

    Comprehensive car insurance: Car insurance covers the risks of various accidents that a vehicle can be exposed to, such as collision, burglary, theft, and fire.

    It works through compensating the car owner who have purchased comprehensive insurance for accidents by repairing the car or paying the market value of the car in case of an accident resulting in a total loss (an accident that cannot be repaired).

    In Egypt it is also known as supplemental motor insurance to differentiate it from compulsory car insurance that is required for getting or renewing your car license which is a liability insurance.

    The general principle of insurance is based on the individual obtaining the insurance coverage in exchange for an annual premium that is paid to an insurance provider which pools thousands of premium subscriptions from individuals with the aim of distributing risks and providing compensation for accidents that happen to the cars of any of the insured individuals (not all participants in the insurance are going to have accidents during the same year).

    Advantages of getting car insurance:

    One of the biggest advantages of comprehensive motor insurance is the peace of mind gained by obtaining an insurance policy from a reputable company.
    It provides a sense of safety and gives confidence that the insurance bought will be there in case of an accident.

    It is worth noting that without insurance; bearing the costs of repairs from your pocket given the market prices of spare parts , etc… - Can end up being twice the price of your car insurance premium in accidents that can be relatively simple, so imagine the case of a big accident and you end up having to pay its expenses from your our own savings.

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    Through the Amanleek website, you can instantly compare offers and prices of car insurance from various companies. Enabling you to discover all the details so you can choose the policy that suits you best and take the decision to buy motor insurance with confidence. Saving you the hassle of contacting multiple companies or buying directly from the car dealer without knowing the details of the policy and the various options available in the market.

    Why is Amanleek the best place to purchase car insurance?

    1- Access multiple offers instantly online in less than a minute
    2- Know the details of the offers and compare them to choose the most appropriate
    3- Find best offers and save on your car insurance with competitive pricing from multiple companies
    4- Assist in the inspection and issuance procedures to obtain the policy as soon as possible (during the same day depending on the case)
    5- Extra customer service through Amanleek to help you use the policy

    Difference between comprehensive and compulsory auto insurance:

    Before getting into the details of comprehensive auto insurance coverage, it is necessary to clarify the difference between it and between the compulsory insurance that during the process of car licensing Compulsory insurance: Is used to cover death or disability cases caused to any person from car accidents if it occurs in Egypt, with a maximum of 40,000 Egyptian pounds.

    It also covers losses related to the property of others, up to a maximum of 10,000 Egyptian pounds, except for vehicle damage. As for the supplementary (comprehensive) car insurance, its main coverage is:

    1- Damage or loss suffered by the car in cases of:

    • A car crash or due to an accident or a rollover
    • Fire, thunderbolt, external explosion, or self-ignition
    • The intentional act of vandalism
    • During transportation, lifting or unloading

    2- Cases of burglary, theft, and any damage caused by it

    How car insurance price is calculated:

    Car insurance rates vary from one company to another while it is also possible that within the same insurance company, As the insurer would offer more than one program with different features to meet the needs of different customers. And the value of the annual insurance contribution is calculated as a percentage of the market’s price of the car if used or the purchase price if the car is new.

    The principle of relativity: It is the possibility of insuring part of the total car value, and in return, compensation will be made proportionally in the event of a claim. (Example: Insurance on the value of the remaining amount due to the bank in case of buying through a car loan - so that in case of an accident the insurance would cover the % insured equivalent to the value of the bank loan from the total value of the car)

    Key points for comparing motor insurance programs:

    These points are important to be aware of when it is the time to buy an insurance policy so you can evaluate different programs, not only based on the price, but also on the features offered within the policy.

    1- Co-payments:

    It is a portion that the customer pays from the cost of repairs / compensation - the idea of ​​co-payment that it lets you share with the insurance company in paying the compensation making you more cautious to avoid risks or damage to your car.

    On contrary to not bearing any expenses in case of 0% co-payment leaving the insurance company to carry 100% of the risk. (The higher the co-payment the lower the insurance premium is supposed to be) Also, there is a fixed co-payment on some polices that is paid as a specific amount for each claim filed. In most programs, repair within the authorized agency has a higher co-payment rate but it can be removed if required by the customer but with a higher premium.

    2-Insurance Company Car Service Centers Network:

    Each company is contracted with a list of service centers specializing in car repair for different brands. It is always a better option to pick centers inside the network for repair in case of a claim because it provides you with the option of direct settlement except for the co-payment.

    Meaning that is the expense is paid through the insurance company to the maintenance center directly, without involving payment from your own cash/savings.

    3-Police report:

    To request compensation from car insurance companies, you need to provide the police report to prove the accident. However, according to the policy, you may not be required to provide the police report for compensation that is less than a certain value (For example repair compensation that costs less than ten thousand pounds)

    The value of compensation accepted without the need for a police report is a good advantage if you need to use insurance to fix minor accidents. You are expected that its value will not be more than the limit mentioned in the policy. So, which will save you time and effort of doing the police report.

    4-Additional Features:

    Insurance companies offer programs that contain a set of additional features, such as:

    • Roadside assistance services (Towing, battery, fuel supply if in force)
    • Providing a replacement car
    • Additional coverage to insure the driver and passengers against disability and death because of an accident

    Additional features may include extras that are not necessary for everyone, adding to the price of the policy. But at a time when you are faced with the situation you can find them helpful, such as roadside assistance or a replacement car.

    How to issue a car insurance policy:

    After settling on the perfect policy for you and knowing the price, a date for the inspection of the vehicle is coordinated by a representative from the insurance company. During the inspection, the state of the vehicle is confirmed, and if there are existing damages, they are excluded from the coverage.

    But in case of a brand new car some companies require doing the inspection and some others accept the dealer purchase letter to issue the policy without inspection and after the completion of the stage, the payment is completed and the policy is received immediately or delivered to the customer with a courier service.

    How to use car insurance:

    When an accident results in damage to the car, the following steps are followed to obtain compensation from the contracted insurance company:

    1-Notifying the insurance company of the accident as soon as possible (Make sure your car license is valid)
    2-Providing all legal data and documents related to the accident (such as the police report if the damages exceeded the value mentioned in the policy to require the presence of the report)
    3-Estimate the value of damages and the cost of repair by getting a repair quotation from the place where you want your vehicle to be repaired and present it to the insurance company.
    4-Car repairs and sending invoices to the insurance company to recover the compensation

    Basic conditions for securing approval for compensation:

    1-The accident did not occur under the influence of drugs or spirits
    2-The accident did not occur because of using the car in the race
    3-The accident occurred while being driven by an unauthorized person
    4-Not violating the traffic rules during the accident, such as driving in the opposite direction
    5- Having a valid license for the car

    Exceptions not covered by insurance (some may be added with additional premium payment):

    1- Damage during wars, riots, rebellion, and terrorist incidents
    2- Natural disasters such as hurricanes, hurricanes, floods, etc.
    3-Confiscation through the military or civilian authorities Through Amanleek, you will be able to get car insurance easily and quickly, and you will be safe and confident in the decision to purchase insurance, by seeing all the offers and choosing the most suitable, and if you need help to decide or understand the details, our experts will help you find the best policy that suits your needs.

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