7 ways to save on your Car Insurance

Knowing why you are getting your insurance is very important to get the right insurance for your needs and find the suitable coverage:

1- If you are looking for insurance for the sake of car loan not for the insurance value you try to get the most simple and basic product in the market, while if you are getting insurance because you value your car and you want best protection, try to get insurance policy that offers the best coverage, for your peace of mind you can check our article here to know more about things to consider when buying your car insurance

2- If you are taking a loan and you only want to insure the loan sum it can be possible in certain companies and up to specific % of the car value

3- Ask about option for increasing your co-payment if possible, by increasing co-payment you take higher burden of the risk and thus your annual premium can go down

4- Check the different programs offered by the insurance companies as there might be premium more expensive programs and a less expensive more basic option

5- Getting insurance with a company that offer direct settlement with authorized dealers

6- Avoid blindly getting the car insurance directly from the show room if you are buying brand new, do your homework and check the market for different options

7- Access Amanleek.com and submit your car details and you will instantly get different offers from reputable insurance companies, compare them and buy the insurance policy suitable for you with best prices in the market

And finally If you have any questions regarding insurance Amanleek team is willing to help regardless if you will buy it through us or through any other channel

7 ways to save in your car insurance policy