Best health insurance companies in Egypt are now in one place

Best medical insurance companies for individuals and corporates can be found now in one place where you can compare benefits, rates and all other details of each health insurance plan, all offers are provided from the most reputable insurance companies who are registered by the Financial Regulatory Authority in Egypt, each insurer is wisely selected to ensure a good level of service quality and have a diversity of offers a the same time for customers.

list of health insurance companies Amanleek provides offers from:

Allianz :

A leading German insurance company with a headquarter based in Munich, also one of the biggest insurers worldwide and it operates in many countries. Allianz is one of the oldest insurance companies in Egypt established in 2004 now Allianz has 16 branch all around Egyptian governorates, also Allianz provides health insurance through its third party administrator (TPA) which is called NeXtCare.

Libano Suisse Takaful :

Is a Lebanese insurance company established in 1959 and currently operates in 7 different Arabian countries, LibanoSuisse operates in Egypt from 2011 and it is specialized in health and life insurance only with applying the Takaful terms in all business aspects under the supervision of Dar Al-Ifta Al Masriyah so all plans complies with sharia (Islamic law) with branches in Cairo, Alexandria & Tanta, also the main TPA for Libano-Suisse is GlobeMed.

Arope  :

It is a subsidiary of the Lebanese BLOM Group, which is also the owner of BLOM Bank in Egypt and is considered one of the largest financial groups in Lebanon and has a presence in several countries in the Middle East. Arope has been operating in Egypt since 2008 and has branches in Cairo and Alexandria. And its TPAs are (GlobeMed) and (MedNet)

List of medical insurance companies for corporates found on Amanleek:

In addition to providing medical insurance offers for companies from Allianz and the Libano-Suisse Takaful and Arope Amanleek also contracted with some insurance companies in the medical insurance for companies only which includes the following companies:


AXA is a French company and it is considered one of the largest European insurance companies and has a presence in many countries of the world and it is one of the most recent international companies in Egypt to enter the market through the acquisition of the CIL company that was affiliated with the Commercial International Bank in 2015 and AXA depends on Providing the medical service on its own and has its own clinic, as well as the AXA my doctor service, which provides medical consultations remotely through a mobile application.

Chubb :

It is one of the largest American insurance companies and is present in more than 50 countries and has been operating in Egypt since 2003 and its medical service provider is (Mednet)

Additional information: What is the role of the Third Party Administrator (TPA)

TPAs or Medical network providers such as GlobeMed and NEXtCARE contract with hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, radiology and laboratories to form a comprehensive medical network for insurance company clients, so that transactions within the network does not require the client to pay any amounts except the deductible percentage according to his/her plan and also manages the medical approvals process which ensures that there is no conflict of interest if the approval department was also managed by the insurance company itself. In order to know more details about medical insurance, click here.

Health insurance from Amanleek

There are other companies in the Egyptian market for medical insurance, but in Amanleek we have chosen the best international medical insurance companies with credibility and good reputation providing health insurance services for individuals & companies. With the varity of programs offered by each company using our comparison tool, the best suitable offers will be shown to each user upon his/her specific needs, then contact is made by one of our representatives specialized in health insurance to answer any inquiries and help the user choose the offer that suits his/her needs.

And when you get your medical insurance policy from Amanleek you will get additional customer service represented by a dedicated account manager who can be contacted to provide help in using the insurance policy during the policy period.

Best health insurance companies in Egypt