4 Things you Must Know Before Buying Car Insurance in Egypt

Buying car insurance in Egypt can be confusing so knowing exactly what you are getting is essential to avoid frustrations in case you ever needed your insurance.

A lower premium (the annual fee you pay to get insured) can be appealing. However, cheaper insurance doesn’t mean better and you need to be aware of these 4 things below to compare and buy the right insurance for you.


  • Co-payment:

It is a percentage or a fixed amount that you are required to pay in case of a claim sharing the burden of repair with the insurance company and it comes in two types.

Optional co-payment:  It is a set percentage defined in the policy that you pay from the total of the claim, The higher the co-payment the lower the insurance premium. While you can have 0% co-payment which will give you total peace of mind as all the repair expenses are charged to the insurance company. However, it comes with a higher premium

Fixed co-payment: Is a sum that must be charged for every filed claim for example first 500L.E of the claim.

  • Requirement of Police Report:

To file a claim, insurance companies require a police report (ma7dar). The requirement of the police report varies by value of the claim according to your policy. So, if your claim is below a certain amount it wouldn’t require a police report which makes your life easier in case of smaller accidents. Consequently, the policies with a higher value of claim requiring a police report are usually the more desired ones.


  • Direct Settlement within dealers’ network:

Every insurance company has a service network which includes various workshops & service centers for car repairs and allow you to use their services without paying as once approved the payment is settled directly between the service center and the insurance company , without you worrying about using your own money and then getting refunded by the insurance company , which is the case if you use service providers outside the insurance company network. The most important here is to get a policy which has the authorized dealer of your car brand within its network, so you benefit from direct settlement within the authorized dealer (Tawkeel)


  • Additional Features:

Some policies include additional features such as road assistance service, replacement cars and other features that are nice to have but aren’t a must for everyone and they contribute to a higher premium so in case such additional benefits are not important for you , maybe you can have a look at other policies that offer the basics you need without such extras


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4 Things you must know before buying car insurance in Egypt