In light of the current health conditions and with the onset of the winter season, the spread of flu cases among people tends to increase. It remains essential to maintain our health, protect ourselves, and safeguard our children from the flu. Therefore, we offer you some organized and concise tips for flu protection throughout the winter.

  1. Annual Vaccination:
    It is advisable to get vaccinated a few weeks before the start of winter to boost the immune system against expected viruses.

  2. Handwashing:
    Regularly washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is one of the most effective methods to prevent virus transmission.

  3. Avoid Crowded Places:
    Social distancing is an effective way to prevent infection, especially in public places.

  4. Ventilation:
    Ensure good ventilation in homes and offices by periodically opening windows. Indoor heating can lead to the accumulation of viruses in the air. Regular ventilation reduces their spread.

  5. Public Health Care:
    Pay attention to personal hygiene and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

  6. Mask Usage:
    Use masks in public places and where maintaining social distancing is challenging.

  7. Cleaning Common Surfaces:
    Regularly clean and disinfect common surfaces using sanitizers to eliminate germs and viruses.

  8. Immune System Maintenance:
    Consume a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly to boost the immune system and resist the flu.

Protecting against the flu in winter is a shared responsibility for all of us. By taking simple steps that we habitually follow, we can reduce the chances of infection during the winter season.

Just as it is our shared responsibility to protect our children and loved ones from the flu throughout winter, our responsibility as "Amanleek" is to safeguard you throughout the year, not just in winter.

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8 Tips to Keep the Flu Away All Winter