Comprehensive car insurance prices vary from one insurance company to another also each company has its set of plans that you can choose from which differs in benefits and rates.

Egypt has many insurance providers for motor coverage and you can compare their policy details and rates on Amanleek website and buy the suitable plan for your car online (Click here to compare different offers)

In order to calculate your car insurance rate, you need to know your current car market value if it’s a used car and beware that cars older than 10 years old won’t be eligible to get a new insurance plan.

Car insurance price – how it is calculated:

Car insurance premiums are calculated as a percentage of the sum insured (car market value) and these premiums are paid annually to get the basic coverage of accidents, fire, theft, burglary and other benefits based on your policy. Also, there are many factors that affects the premium which we will be discussing below.

Factors affecting your car insurance premium:

  1. Car value / insured value

    Some companies give a lower rate for cars below 500,000 EGP and higher rate for cars below 500,000 EGP in value as they believe those cars have higher risk.

  2. Car brand and country of manufacture

    Car brand and model makes a lot of difference to some insurers as they track the frequency of accidents and loss for each model so they can better asses the risk of each car model.

  3. Benefits & covers

    Car policy benefits and additional covers are the main factor affecting the price such as:
    - Deductible
    - Co payment
    - The maximum amount of claim without police report needed
    - Roadside assistance service & replacement car
    - Personal accident additional benefit

  4. The insurer strategy in pricing

    Each company differs in its pricing plan according to the insurance type they focus in and its position in the market, as some companies are known with low prices but not the best service, others are known for a seamless service but higher rates.

Car insurance from Amanleek:

When you use to get your car insurance policy you guarantee finding the best offer in the market and the most suitable benefits to your need, besides you can choose to pay the annual premium in instalments.

The group of insurance companies in the comparison are selected carefully to make sure you won’t be facing any troubles while using your policy and processing your claim, this comes backed by our account management team who assists you in each step in case of an accident till you get your claim paid.

Car insurance prices: How to calculate your insurance