Terms and Conditions for using amanleek.com

All content published on amanleek.com website and in any newsletters, articles or mailings are subject to these "Terms and Conditions".

1- By entering the website amanleek.com, you are subject to the site's "terms and conditions" and your use of the site is fully approved by you, whether you register on the website or not. If you disagree with these "terms and conditions" you must immediately exit the website and stop using it.

2- You should not rely on the information provided on amanleek.com to make or refrain from making any personal decisions.

3- Amanleek company or the insurance contractor contracted with it expressly does not bear any responsibility for checking the accuracy of any information contained on Amanleek.com website or in any newsletters, articles or mailings, or for of content otherwise provided.  They expressly disclaim their responsibility for any consequences arising from any person using or relying on this information.

4- The website administration has the right to amend or delete the site or any part of it without any notification whether it is permanent or temporary and Amanleek.com does not bear any responsibility towards anyone due to any amendment or deletion.

5- The website administration has the right to change these "terms and conditions" at any time, so we recommend that you review them every time before using the site as your continued use of it is deemed approval of these changes.

6- The website may contain links from other websites, please note that we are not responsible for the content of any of these links or for the policies to use these websites as they are not under our control.

7- Amanleek and its contracted insurance broker are not responsible for any direct or indirect loss, dependency, or damage in any form whatsoever (including and without limiting the business, opportunities, data, and profits) arising out of or in connection with the use of this website.

8- It is strictly prohibited to use any of the contents of the site for commercial use, copy its contents elsewhere, transfer, sell or distribute it without written approval from Amanleek company.

9- The website does not guarantee the verification of any information such as terms, conditions, coverage or prices for the products available on the site. The company is not liable for any losses or claims for compensation related to this information.

10- The website does not provide any guarantees that its functions will work permanently without interruption (for any period of time) or in an error-free manner or that its server is free of viruses or anything else that may be harmful or destructive, and Amanleek doesn’t hold any responsibility related to any sort of losses or damages resulting from that to any party.

11- Amanleek or any other party (whether it participates in the creation, production, maintenance or connection of the website’s content) or any of the company’s affiliates or any of its officials, managers, employees, shareholders or their agents, has no responsibility or liability for any losses of any sort, of any size, or of any damages that may occur to you or to others (including but not limited to, any direct or indirect losses or damages, punitive or consequential, or any losses in income, profits, good reputation or data contracts, use of money, losses, or damages arising out of it or in any way related to work interruption; This includes, but is not limited to, negligence, or contracts or otherwise) in relation to the site in any way or with regard to the use of the site or the inability to use it or the results related to the site or any sites related to it or the materials available on these sites, which include but not limited to losses or damage caused by viruses that may attack your computers, programs, data or other properties as a result of your accessing or using the site, or as a result of downloading any material from the sites linked to it.


12- You agree to compensate the management of amanleek.com and all other parties dealing with it for all damages, legal fees, losses, costs and other expenses due to any breach of these "Terms and Conditions"., by you.

13- Unlike personal information that is subject to our Privacy Policy, the materials that you send to us or send to the website are not considered confidential information and are not subject to personal ownership. The website does not hold any obligations regarding these materials. The website and its designers have the right to copy, reveal, distribute, integrate or use these materials as well as all data, images, sound clips, texts and other things for all commercial and non-commercial purposes.

14- You are prohibited from sending or publishing any materials through the website:
A) That would threaten, harm, expose or create discord or that could be pornographic material or offensive or that may incite racial hostility or racial discrimination or pornographic or disruptive material which violates the privacy or trust that may cause nuisance or disturbance; or

B) Material that you have not obtained all the necessary licenses/approvals for using it; or

C) which constitutes or encourages behavior that is considered to be a criminal offense, leads to civil liability, or is contrary to any laws or legislations, or violates the rights of others or the rights of any country in the world; or

D) Causing technical damage (including but not limited to viruses, Trojans , worms, malware , corrupt data, spyware, or harmful data)

15- You may not maliciously use the website (including but not limited to, hacking).

16- The website management is obliged to cooperate with all law enforcement agencies or court rulings that require or direct the company to disclose the identity or locate any person who publish any material that violates the terms and conditions of the site.

17- If you wish to add a link pointing to our site, you can do so provided that the following conditions are observed:

A) Not to delete, distort or alter the size or shape of Amanleek company logo;

B) Not to Create a new framework, any browsers, or any border environment around the website;

C) Not implying in any way that the website accepts any products or services other than the products offered on our website;

D) Failure to misrepresent the relationship with the company and not to evaluate any false information about the company.

E) Not to use any trademarks displayed on the website without obtaining written approvals from the company;

F) Not to create any links from the site that are not yours;

G) Your site does not contain any content that is not appropriate or has an offensive or contentious tone, or content that violates intellectual property rights or other rights of other people or content that does not comply with applicable laws and regulations.

18- Return Policy: If you wish to cancel your insurance policy after submitting an application for issuance, a portion of the paid insurance premium will be refunded or no amount will be refunded at all, depending on the refund conditions set by each insurance company.

19-  If any of these terms and conditions are determined to be invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable for any reason by any competent court, this specific article or condition must cease, and the remaining terms and conditions present remains valid and binding and enforceable.

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